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Thanks so much, I literally sleep better at night knowing we have your help and support.

-Derrick Braaten, Baumstark Braaten Law Partners


We have worked with 4700Group since 2009. We attribute our law firm’s success to our relationship with 4700Group and the services they provide which is full accounting and IOLTA account management services. The longer we have worked with 4700Group, the easier the practice of law has become and the more time our firm has been able to focus on what we do best. I highly recommend 4700Group if you want to focus on the practice of law and your clients which is why we are doing what we do every day.

-Lee Tucker, The Tucker Law Firm


4700Group has helped me with my books and payroll for well over 6 years. Their knowledge of QuickBooks and its accounting applications is unparalleled. Gale is a featured speaker at accounting conferences and a very patient and detail-oriented person. I highly recommend their work to anyone.

-Damian Mendez, Mendez Law Group


4700Group understands the RPCs and the demands of running a law office. Gale has such command of her subject matter that she can explain anything in terms that are easy to follow. I highly recommend Gale and the 4700Group team for legal bookkeeping.

-Lainie Hammond, Hammond Defense Law


Gale’s knowledge of the Clio application, combined with her accounting expertise, and her empathy for the customer make her extremely effective in her role as a CCC. As a CCC myself, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gale as a colleague – her ability is impressive. In short order with her help, we were able to rectify major issues a Clio client was having, due to them making incorrect data entries to their Clio application over the course of many years.

-Joe Nemastil, The ENT Group

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