Collaborative “How To Resource” Support

Collaborative “How To Resource” Services


Already using Quickbooks Online and Clio Manage – but you’re unsure if they are working together as efficiently as possible? Is your QBO / Clio workflow saving time or taking longer?


Are your client ledger accounts in Clio reconciled to your trust liability account in QBO? They need to be. You are reconciling your bank accounts to QBO, and need to confirm the trust information in Clio agrees with your trust bank account. This is done by reconciling the trust liability account in QBO to the trust balance report in Clio.


Clio/QBO Integration Review

  • Review Clio matters for financial accuracy
  • Review & compare Clio bills & payments with QBO
  • Establish an ongoing Clio workflow process
  • Reconcile client’s account receivable account in Clio & QBO

QBO File Review

  • Evaluate current QBO file setup
  • Evaluate the integration between Clio & QBO
  • Provide training on workflow processes for improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Create custom reports for three-way reconciliation of trust accounts


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What our clients are saying

“Our Law Firm Embarked Upon A Complete Upgrade Of 2 Systems Vital To Our Future Success: CLIO & Quickbooks Online.


4700Group, Quickly Became The “Partner” That Our Firm Needed, To Successfully Integration 2 Software Solutions. They Started By Asking Questions About How We Currently Did Business, And What Outcome We Were Looking For. Their Expertise And Consultative Approach Enabled Us To Successfully Integrate The “Right” Software Solution – At The Right Time. They Advised Us On Critical Elements Such As – Implementation Timing, 1:1 Training, Potential Risks, New And Improved Work Process Flows, And Much More. Gale’s Industry Experience Is Priceless!


When Challenges Occurred, Gale Was Always There With A Solution And Detailed Explanations.


We Stopped Doing Things Our “Old” Way And Started Doing Business Differently Which Has Saved Everyone Time And Improved Our Billing Efficiencies. I Now Look Forward To “Billing Time”! Our Success Is Due To Having A “How-To Resource” Ready, Willing, And Able To Help Us – When “WE” Need It.
-Kelly Marks,  Zeppos Rautiola, LLP

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