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Accounting tailored exclusively for law firms

QBO for Legal

QuickBooks File Review

We provide comprehensive reports on the state of your QBO file and help identify any workflow changes that are needed.

QBO Setup & Clio Integration & Workflow Training

New to QBO? We’ll set up the application specific to your firm’s needs, and then integrate your QBO with Clio for accurate reporting. We also provide workflow training so your firm can work confidently with the information that is shared between Clio and QBO. 

QBO / Clio File Clean-Up

Have you been working with Clio and QBO for a while, but your reports are inaccurate, or your trust bank account is out of balance with your client ledger reports? We do file reviews to identify the source of the issues, and then provide workflow training to prevent the issues from happening again. 

Collaborative Services

Monthly Bookkeeping

While your firm handles the daily transactions, 4700Group will do everything else: monthly reconciliations, oversight, and reporting for both compliance and firm management, plus the three-way-trust reconciliation report.

Custom Reporting

We will work with you to develop custom report templates in your QBO file that allow you to organize and relay your financial data more seamlessly.

Strategic Planning

We focus on using QBO more efficiently and obtaining data to help your firm make decisions.


What are your firm’s goals? To grow revenue or the size of the firm? To work fewer hours, retire by a certain date, or feel less overwhelmed? By understanding the goals of the firm, we can provide you with the tools and guidance to help you meet those goals.


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