QBO Setup
QuickBooks Online integration, workflow training, and system maintenance to get your client ledgers back on track

Collaborative QBO Account Services
Monthly monitoring and reconciliations plus trust cleanups to ensure clear accounting records and Bar compliance 

Financial Strategy & Solutions
Establishing goals, budgets, direction, support and workflow to achieve your firm’s big-picture objectives 

How We Help

Our accounting services are tailored exclusively to law firms across the U.S. Beyond expertly handling and maintaining your confidential accounting data, 4700Group goes one step further. With our years of legal experience, we provide insight into your financial information and create reports that enable you to run a more efficient, profitable practice – ultimately propelling you toward your big-picture goal, whether that’s more personal time, firm growth, or finding a way to retire.

How We’re Different

Most consultants are laser-focused on systems, IT, and technology. They do not focus on accounting. 4700Group is unique as we have a deep understanding of accounting, how to implement the most effective software applications, and how to make your firm more efficient and profitable.

What You’ll Get

We understand each state’s Bar reporting requirements and ensure those standards are met


We take over your non-billable bookkeeping tasks and free up your time to generate greater revenue 


Our thorough analysis spotlights the workflow and internal processes that directly affect the growth and profitability of your firm


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