QBO Setup
QuickBooks Online integration, workflow training, and system maintenance to get your client ledgers back on track

Collaborative QBO Account Services
Monthly monitoring and reconciliations plus trust cleanups to ensure clear accounting records and Bar compliance 

Financial Strategy & Solutions
Establishing goals, budgets, direction, support and workflow to achieve your firm’s big-picture objectives 

How We Help

At 4700Group, our accounting support services are specifically designed for law firms using Clio and QuickBooks Online (QBO) throughout the U.S. and Canada. We possess a deep understanding of the distinctive needs and challenges faced by legal practices, and our primary focus is on meeting those needs.


In addition to securely managing and preserving your confidential accounting data, we offer an added layer of value. Leveraging our extensive experience supporting Clio and QuickBooks together, we provide invaluable insights to optimize your bookkeeping workflow. We help enhance your firm’s productivity and profitability by implementing software automation and streamlining workflow processes.


Our overarching objective is to assist you in achieving your broader goals, be it gaining more personal time, driving firm growth, or planning for retirement. With our customized accounting services, you can confidently navigate the financial landscape of your law firm and move closer to realizing your long-term aspirations.

How We’re Different

While many consultants prioritize systems, IT, and technology, accounting often takes a back seat. However, 4700Group stands out from the crowd by offering a distinctive combination of expertise in law firm accounting. We possess a profound understanding of Trust accounting compliance principles, enabling us to not only implement QBO and Clio applications but also enhance the overall efficiency and profitability of your firm.

What You’ll Get

We understand each state’s Bar reporting requirements and ensure those standards are met


We take over your non-billable bookkeeping tasks and free up your time to generate greater revenue 


Our thorough analysis spotlights the workflow and internal processes that directly affect the growth and profitability of your firm


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