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We love Clio, and we love Gale and 4700Group even more!

Having 4700Group in our back pocket has transformed our bookkeeping and accounting practices at our law firm!  It is an amazing feeling to have a trusted professional to turn to when questions arise.


-Jennifer Meredith,  Meredith Law Firm, PC


When establishing my law practice, it was exciting to design workflows to provide the highest quality of client service and ensure efficient firm operations. There is an amazing variety of software available to attorneys. Yet, it can be incredibly difficult to integrate applications effectively.


Gale was an invaluable resource in getting Clio and QBO to work together. She has deep knowledge of the particular requirements of law firm accounting, the idiosyncrasies of QBO, and the enormous versatility of Clio. Gale was able to provide a level of technical support that far exceeded what Clio and QBO were able to offer. She has been instrumental in helping me to get the most value out of the applications that I rely on for case management and accounting. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


-Kara Hart – Law Office of Kara Hart, LLC



My only regret is that I wish I had known about Gale and the 4700Group earlier! Six months into using Clio and QuickBooks Online, I was wasting a lot of time and frustration trying to figure it out on my own, and my books were a mess! My accountant was not familiar with Clio, and so I looked online and I found the 4700Group. Gale had me up and running in two hours. Her fees are very affordable, and now I have an easy workflow and I understand how Clio and QBO communicate. If you are using Clio and QBO, call the 4700Group to get you started (or to fix your mess if you are like me)!


-Sarah H. Simpson, Simpson Trademark Law, PLLC



The team at 4700 Group are essential business partners to my cloud-based law practice, and vital to meeting my ethical obligations as a fiduciary. They are the glue that binds Quickbooks Online and Clio, serving as advocates and interpreters between my vendors, tax accountants, and me. The 4700 Group solves the problems that arise because software developers are not accountants, ledgers are not law practice management programs, and most lawyers need to be taught accounting. They are a delight to work with and I cannot say enough good things about them.


-Michael Malloy, The Malloy Firm, Auburn, Maine



Our law firm embarked upon a complete upgrade of 2 systems vital to our future success: CLIO & Quickbooks Online.


4700Group, quickly became the “partner” that our firm needed, to successfully integration 2 software solutions. They started by asking questions about how we currently did business, and what outcome we were looking for. Their expertise and consultative approach enabled us to successfully integrate the “right” software solution – at the right time. They advised us on critical elements such as – Implementation timing, 1:1 training, potential risks, new and improved work process flows, and much more. Gale’s industry experience is priceless!


When challenges occurred, Gale was always there with a solution and detailed explanations.


We stopped doing things our “old” way and started doing business differently which has saved everyone time and improved our billing efficiencies. I now look forward to “billing time”! Our success is due to having a “How-To Resource” ready, willing, and able to help us – when “WE” need it.


-Kelly Marks,  Zeppos Rautiola, LLP



My biggest mistake when purchasing Clio 4 years ago was not working with 4700Group first!  Had I consulted with 4700Group during the set up and deployment of the program, I could have saved myself hours of work and frustration.


Gale has helped “clean up the damage” from my former mistakes.  She’s taught me and my bookkeeper streamlined ways to translate the benefits of QBO and Clio, and how to make them “play well together.”


Gale is a gifted teacher and explainer.  Every minute she spends with you, you are getting tremendous value from her knowledge.


-Lisa G. Kent, EsserKent



Thanks so much, I literally sleep better at night knowing we have your help and support.


-Derrick Braaten, Baumstark Braaten Law Partners



Gale has been a tremendous help and has saved me a significant amount of time and headache learning how to use Clio and Quickbooks Online together.  She has been patient and pleasant to work with, and has taken the time to explain things thoroughly and clearly.  Thanks, Gale!


-Pete Christoff, Christoff Law



We have worked with 4700Group since 2009. We attribute our law firm’s success to our relationship with 4700Group and the services they provide which include IOLTA account management services. The longer we have worked with 4700Group, the easier the practice of law has become and the more time our firm has been able to focus on what we do best. I highly recommend 4700Group if you want to focus on the practice of law and your clients which is why we are doing what we do every day.


-Lee Tucker, The Tucker Law Firm



4700Group has helped me with my books and payroll for well over 6 years. Their knowledge of Quickbooks and its accounting applications is unparalleled. Gale is a featured speaker at accounting conferences and a very patient and detail-oriented person. I highly recommend their work to anyone.


-Damian Mendez, Mendez Law Group


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