QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

Is QuickBooks Online (QBO) just mobile QuickBooks? No, it’s not… Here’s what it IS:

  •  QBO is a cloud based software, with access anywhere, anytime.
  •  QBO was written as a cloud base application from the beginning. It is not QuickBooks ‘converted’ to a cloud application.
  •  QBO looks and operates differently than QuickBooks.
  •  Does QBO do everything QuickBooks does? Not everything.
  •  Does QBO do things QuickBooks does not do? Oh YES!
  •  Additional functionality is added to QBO regularly, no more waiting for the next year’s edition to be released!
  •  Want a new feature in QBO? Inside the application you can post a request. The more requests Intuit receives for an added feature or functionality, the higher on the request list it goes.
  •  QBO was designed, from the beginning, to integrate with other cloud based applications.
  •  QBO simplifies the integration process with other cloud applications.
  •  There are thousands of applications that integrate with QBO.

QBO is about the future of where accounting software is going.

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