Are you frustrated using QuickBooks Online in your law firm? 

Ask yourself, are you in the correct version? 

Here is a quick overview of the four (4) QBO subscription levels Intuit offers:

  • QBO Simple Start – Not recommended for law firms for bar compliance reporting needs
  • QBO Essentials – Not recommended if are using a Trust account
  • QBO Plus – A good option
  • QBO Advanced – An option with advanced reporting and continuous online backup running in the background

The result of using a version of QBO that does not have the features you need often results in frustration or the belief that QBO does not work for your firm. 

Are you in the correct version of QBO and still frustrated? First, ask yourself how your QBO file was set up. If you downloaded the application from Intuit’s website or your IT person set up QBO, it may not be set up to meet your compliance needs, reporting desires, or expense tracking. Is the application set up to boost your automation & back-office efficiencies?

The solution:

  • Migrate to the correct version of QBO
  • Have a QBO file set-up review
  • Invest in workflow training

Workflow training is essential to understanding and learning how to utilize the automation cloud-based applications, like QBO, offers. If you have moved from QB desktop to QBO, there is a tremendous difference in the available automation. You may have had minimal automation available if you are coming from an all-inclusive legal practice management system.

Why is automation so important – workflow efficiencies are in part a result of automation. If it takes less time to process entries into QBO, it frees up time to do other work. Maybe even client billable work, rather than bookkeeping work.

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