Client Billing Policy

Client Billing Policy

Establishing a solid client billing policy is the first step to collecting your fees in a timely manner. This is the cash you’ll need to pay your bills, and yourself, for work you have already completed.

A policy does not have to be elaborate but it does need to be followed on a consistent basis.

Here is our basic list for you to use as a starting off point to create your client billing policy. Implementing policy on the following will have a significant impact on your cash:

  •  The date you generate your bills. This is the single most important point and the hardest to adhere to. You have a couple options:
    • Once a month, on the 10th of the month
    •  Bi- monthly , bills are sent out on the 5th and the 20th of each month
  • Clearly state your payment terms, including a due date, on each bill
  • If the bill is not paid by the due date, mail a reminder statement telling the client they have an overdue bill.

Be concise. Be consistent.

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