Integration, Workflow & Training

Clio and Quickbooks Online Integration, Workflow & Training Support Exclusively for Law Firms


You have invested in Clio and are committed to automating your back-office in the cloud. Now, how does your firm start to make the switch?  Who can show and teach your back-office the ‘how-tos‘ of your new system?


Clio understands the business of law and is recognized as the #1 cloud-based legal practice management platform. Quickbooks Online is known as the leading small to mid-sized cloud accounting platform. Together they can provide your law firm, a fantastic cloud-based, automated system. However, Clio will assist with setting up Clio, but they cannot set-up your accounting system, Intuit can help set-up Quickbooks Online but not when it integrates and works with Clio.


By providing workflow expertise in both Clio and QBO we have set-up, integrated, and trained over 800 law firms using Clio & QBO together.


4700Group stands at the crossroads of Law & Accounting. We understand the business of law, the back-office workflow of a firm, and we are accountants. We work with both  Clio & QBO daily, so we can follow the flow of information between applications. We can answer the ” how-to ” questions.


Now it’s time to integrate Clio with Quickbooks Online.

Overview of Set-up, Integration & Migration Services


  • New to QBO – We’ve built hundreds of law firm-specific QBO files
  • Do you want to migrate your financial records from your old system? We know and understanding what type of data can be migrated and in what format your old system will release your data
  • We integrate Clio & QBO – the success of your experience working with Clio & QBO is based on the correct integration


Additional Set-up Services

  • Intuit Full Service Payroll


For details on available set-up, integration & migration packages, contact us.

Overview of Workflow Support & Training Services


  • Your team currently has workflow processes designed around your old systems. We will explain and train on the optimal workflow processes needed to use Clio and QBO together, to take advantage of the automation of the cloud.
  • Is your firm new to Quickbooks Online, we provide training for law firms
  • Have you been using Quickbooks desktop, we will provide training for the transition to Quickbooks Online
  • Email and remote resource support



For details on available workflow support & training packages, contact us.

What our clients are saying

“My Biggest Mistake When Purchasing Clio 4 Years Ago Was Not Working With 4700Group First!  Had I Consulted With 4700Group During The Set Up And Deployment Of The Program, I Could Have Saved Myself Hours Of Work And Frustration.


Gale Has Helped “Clean Up The Damage” From My Former Mistakes.  She’s Taught Me And My Bookkeeper Streamlined Ways To Translate The Benefits Of QBO And Clio, And How To Make Them “Play Well Together.”


Gale Is A Gifted Teacher And Explainer.  Every Minute She Spends With You, You Are Getting Tremendous Value From Her Knowledge.”
-Lisa G. Kent, EsserKent

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